Cobalt cheer offers a variety of classes for you and your child. Check below to see what class will serve you best!!

Cobalt Cheer loves to compete!!! If you are a competitive person this is the class for you. Click here for more information about All-star Cheer.

We have a class for anyone interested in learning to tumble. From the complete beginners to the most advanced. We also offer open gym where you can work on anything you want. Check out more info here!!!

Cheer Prep is our recreational cheer class. This class goes over everything you need to know to become the best cheerleader you can be!! We work on tumbling, stunting, jumps, motions and everything else an aspiring cheerleader will need. Click here for more info!!

Mommy & Me is a class designed to let you and your child bond, all while engaging in fun, stimulating activities!! Click here to get info!

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