All tumbling classes accept students from ages 4 – 18.  Students should wear comfortable clothing that isn’t baggy or loose.  All jewelry should be removed prior to attending class.  We do our best to customize the class to each student so if you need to work a specific skill just let us know! 


We begin by mastering general coordination and safety skills such as forward and backward rolls.  We progress to basic tumbling skills such as handstands, cartwheels, round-offs, back bends, back walkovers and front walkovers.


In this class we focus mainly on back handsprings and side aerials.  We start with a single back handspring and then move on to round-off back handspring, standing series back handsprings and round-off series back handsprings.


Due to the large number of skills covered, this class is 15 minutes longer.  We start by mastering a back tuck…typically round-off or round-off handspring tuck is first.  As the student is ready, we add a large variety of skills including punch fronts, standing tucks, front aerials, layouts, fulls, etc.  Once new skills are mastered we create combination passes to increase difficulty and add versatility.

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